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I am psychologist specializing in innovative methods of digital marketing, and I deal with strategy, with the creative process and with the development of the solution chosen. Website development, online and print advertising and video production are some of the most requested solutions from my clients.

Web Design

Develop the latest generation of websites, perfectly accessible by tablet & smartphone and that excel for the highest level of attention to detail to ensure an awesome user experience.

Digital Marketing

Refresh your brand image and Increase your traffic through Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Content Strategy.

Creative Design

My creative work will turn in the developing of a unique visual identity and in products of maximum impact. Logo Design, Print Design, Mobile App Design and Video Production are the most requested services.

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Let's talk about the General Overview of the project, Goals, Target audiences & Competition.

We will soon move to the Architecture (eg. for web site this step will include the sitemap and wireframes) and then to the Visual Design.

If Architecture and Visual Design are both approved I'll be glad to develop the final product.

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The Launch of your product, the big day, it's close. We will make it great using the innovative methods and tecniques of digital marketing that will help you to Leverage your brand image, differentiate from your competitors and gain new customers.

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