Dr. Marco Mancini 

“Brain, Mind and Cutting-Edge Innovations”
Operating in the field of Neuromarketing, Consumer Neuroscience, XR, and Digital Marketing

Application Areas

Years of experience in the Digital sector in terms of development and analysis of digital products, through the use of traditional and neuroscientific techniques. The knowledge and skills related to the application of neuroscience come to life from the long experience gained in Lab and in the research field as Head of Neuromarketing Lab of BrainSigns.


The application of Neuroscience in Marketing contexts allows companies to explore the brain response of consumers while using products and services, in order to improve communication and marketing strategies. Neuromarketing is the key.

Digital Marketing

In the Era of the Digital Revolution, the strategic use of innovative techniques and tools referable to the Digital Marketing area makes it possible to increase the brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic and sales.

Extended Reality (XR)

The design of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications is crucial for businesses today in terms of  product visualization, marketing experiences and improved customer engagement.

Neuromarketing Course

Neuromarketing Course

The Neuromarketing course is a unique solution for students who decide to approach the world of neuroscience and its application to marketing. The Neuromarketing course includes 50% lectures and 50% group projects, in order to make the course extremely practical and...

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